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the san francisco giants return home bringing the world series championship trophy back to the bay. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. hundreds welcomed home the san francisco giants and continue to celebrate the sweep of detroit and second championship in three years.
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amber lee is back in the mission where she covered last night's spontaneous celebration. we begin at the ballpark with ken wayne and the return of the conquering heros, ken. >> julie, giants players and fans kind of have that feeling you get after a wild roller coaster ride. a little woozy but still exhilarated. >> world series mvp pablo sandoval emerged with a world series trophy and handed it to sergio romo to show it to the hundreds of fans waiting outside. >> we're on the way back. >> a little different team, they didn't want to go home, and i don't know if they hated losing as much as they wanted to win. >> we have a lot of the same
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guys, i think we can yeah. >> many players were obviously tired as was the staff. >> they got back to the hotel, about 3:30 and i did not want to miss the wake up call because i did not want to be stuck in detroit. >> some didn't expect such arousing reception. >> the players coming on the bus were like, i can't believe it. how did they know when the plane was landing, they did they know anything of this, but the giants fans have a way to find out. >> this is a special group and you know we're not saying goodbye, we'll be here a couple of days then it'll be see you later and we'll see what happens. but i can't say that i had more fun than what i had this year. >> unbelievable feeling. this city definitely deserves this, let alone our team, everything we've been through. >> tonight the players say they want to get much needed sleep and save their energy for the big parade down market street
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on wednesday. live in san francisco, ken wayne, ktvu channel two news. more details now from sfo where the plane was greeted with water cannons. and bruce bochy emerged carrying that much coveted trophy. the team's family traveled with the family which will make memories that will no doubtedly last a lifetime. and they're expecting bigger crowds in the hours before wednesday's victory parade. authorities are also warning the public about counter fit gear. it's a low quality product that often pumps money into the wrong hands. work is on the way for victory parades. we found crews working on crews when we visited today. the rout that the parade will take through downtown san francisco and the big change
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from two years ago. >> the giants sweep sent thousands of fans out into the streets of san francisco with some unfortunately taking the celebration a little too far. ktvu viewer sent us this video of a nummi bus that was set on fire. it happened on third and market street. seven people were on the bus at the time, no one was hurt. but the fire did cause serious damage to the $700,000 bus which nummi says just recently under went a $3,400,000 make over. and several fires were started. a massive group of fans started outside of at&t park. in all police tell us they made 35 arrests, 22 were felonies including charges of aggravated assault and possessing a weapon. most of those arrests were made in the mission district, today business owners had to clean up debris and deal with an
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explosion of graffiti. >> this is the wall of a popeyes restaurant. and neighbors say they are concerned that there might be a repeat of the vandalism on wednesday when the city hosts the parade for the giants. >> reporter: people started bomb fires along mission and valencia street about 90 minutes after the celebration started. >> just a joy, climb on the post. >> reporter: the business owners continued the clean up. but a sense of hopelessness continues.
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>> i just closed the door and the closet. >> reporter: a bomb fire was set just steps from this store and 15 people rushed inside shoplifting and fighting. rantizi said last night was the problem that happened three years ago. >> they're supposed to celebrate a giant game, not to make it violent. >> reporter: the owner of this shoe store told us it was difficult watching people vandalizing his store. the damage to the community is heartbreaking and frightening. >> last night driving home from my father's house, guys almost jumped on top of my hood and i'm like what can i do, i can't get out and do anything they'll beat me up. >> reporter: others say the vandalism creates a bad imagine of giant fans. >> celebrate the victory but don't deface our city. >> reporter: police were busy
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with so much going on. live in the mission, ktvu channel 2 news. a ktvu viewer posted this picture on our giant's page. several people have commented asking the public to identify this man he says he needs to be thought a lesson. on you need to check out more video coverage from today's homecoming. happening now millions of people are hunkered down as soup storm sandy brings heavy rain. lower manhattan was plunged into darkness. and on 92nd street the storm brought down the facile of this residential building. at least 13 deaths are already being blamed on this storm. the storm came on shore in the
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city of new jersey pounding the coast with 90--mile-per-hour winds. we have team coverage, chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking the storm. craig boswell joins us live to show us what's happening in new jersey right now. craig. >> reporter: julie good evening do you, certainly wouldn't be surprised to find out thousands and thousands of people here without power, we looked over to our right just a little while ago and saw this hue blue hue of light go up and lights just went up, on out highway 30. we need to find out what the deal is with high tide with a full -- full moon combined with the storm surge. we'll find out tomorrow how much water was brought in. water coming on over the dunes and on to the streets of the
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jersey shore leaving debris in its wake. more than 50 million people are in sandy's path with extended tower and power outages expected for people all over the corridor. president obama is asking people to be patient after the storm blows through. >> even after the storm is over, it's going to take a considerable amount of time for planes, trains and so forth to get back on schedule. >> reporter: andrew cuomo shutting down some of the city's bridges and tunnels and deploying troops for residents in long island. >> as the surge becomes more and more, long island becoming more and more vulnerable.
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>> despite the danger people are ignoring warnings to evacuate. >> i've never seen anything like this in my life so hopefully we'll be okay. >> reporter: it was just a few hours ago we thought we might be in the clear. then all of a sudden the wind shifted, winds picked up again and this temperature has dropped at least 20 degrees. we're told now that this storm that is combined with two other tomorrows could be combined with three other storms in west virginia. we're live, craig boswell. the u.s. coast guard rescued more than one dozen people after a tall ship sank 90 miles off the coast of north carolina. 14 people were rescued, a 15th was rescued later. the ship's campaign is still missing. the tall ship is a replica of the mss bounty it was used in a
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movie. the captain reportedly thought he could sail around that massive storm. >> our chief meteorologist bill martin has been tracking that storm all night. what's the situation right now. >> the big story is it's no longer tropical. it's not a hurricane. it's not a tropical storm but it has hurricane strength winds. it's too far north now. it has some cold wrapped into it so now it is a super storm. that's what we're seeing. here's the latest imagery. this area right here at the coast they are getting hammered. with storm surge, and there are big problems right along that line. the rain continues to fall. this system is by no means done. let's move it through time now. i'm going to move it forward. the low right over washington and it's starting to turn north right over here. you see the ice, cool air coming into the system. the rain is heavy. that's true through tomorrow.
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we get into wednesday and it starts to move off and diminish a bit. julie mentioned in the newsroom in some of the skreufts she said is this -- in some of the scripts she said is this an epic storm. i said yes this is an epic storm you don't see these. it is combined to make a real mess in the east coast. >> super storm sandy is bringing snow to west virginia. a blizzard storm was extended to 19 counties. earlier the state's governor issued a state of emergency. hundreds of sandbagged surrounded the new york stock exchange as sandy moves away. this is the first time that
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weather related problems have shut down the stock exchange for two consecutive days. one volunteer sent us these photos. >> my plan for tonight is to be in the lower floor possible and highest ground. so it's basically the stay in a hotel room and shelter in place. >> hart tells us she helped with relief efforts in hurricane katrina. she says she hopes the damage done by sandy isn't as damaging. >> at 10:30 the havoc with air travel. scantily dressed women and
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officers. the allegations sparked by our story in this kareoke club. >> moving into downtown san jose. the areas expected to bring more people to the area. >> the jury
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continuing coverage now. the oakland police department
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has now confirmed it has opened an investigation after ktvu found officers making a late night visit to a kareoke bar. >> reporter: we watched two oakland police officers in uniform and on watch making repeat visits to this kareoke bar, a place where our cameras caught a mini van dropping off clad dressed women night after night. >> why are you there? are you there at the same time when something is losing their child out on the streets. >> reporter: he says his work at a youth coach haven convinced him oakland doesn't have enough police in areas where they are needed the most. >> while we're losing all these kids and we're burying all
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these kids he's out here hanging around a kareoke bar driving throughout the parking lot. drive around through the neighborhood, let the people see you. >> reporter: sergeant warren young tells us he has a friend at the bar and that his visit were to perform security checks a regular patron at the bar told us private rooms rent for 200 to $500. while sergeant young insisted there is nothing illegal going on, the police chief issued this statement, a complete review will determine whether the alleged on on off duty conduct is in line with our policies and the department's core values because these are open investigations i am limited in what can be discussed. our questions about the spending of the port commission led us to that kareoke bar, it
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is now part of a further investigation. napa police are searching for a man what they say robbed a target store and led police at a chase. the man seen in this photo took items from the store. a storm time later they spotted the man driving a toyota. the chase ended when police say that man jumped over the napa river. so far that man still hasn't been found. a man accused of stabbing and killing a woman was in court today. darnell washington and his wife tania appeared before court. in a story you will see only on 2, the daughter of a castro valley woman strangled to death is talking about the
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horrific reality she now faces. 58-year-old barbara lachey was strangled by two teens that stole jewelry and cash. the teens then set the home on fire. the victim's daughter says she's struggling to put the pieces together. >> she was my best friend and my mother and she's gone, for what some cash? >> the two detectives are expected in court tomorrow morning. new at 10:00, a revival in downtown san jose. many commercial and residential buildings are left open. the buildings are now full and there's demand for more development. >> reporter: i got confirmation that this parking lot i'm standing in will soon be a
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construction site for one of two high rise apartment complexes just given the green light here in downtown san jose. >> the model on the side says live, work, play. but finding a place to call home can be difficult in this area. city leaders say young workers are shunning the suburbs and are looking to live in urban areas. >> they want to be in a place where they have a street scene. where there's night life, where there's culture and that often requires having density in an urban downtown. >> we have a number of retail businesses, restaurants downtown and we benefit from having a downtown operation. >> reporter: the city cut fees for developers looking to build high rise haousing. a complex - - high rise housing. >> we need 10,000 more
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residents down here. but you have to start with one. >> city leaders admit downtown san jose has been plagued by some perception problems like homeless issues and crime. but new international retailer moojie is shutting the popular santana row and moving into the base of the fairmont hotel in 2013. long time san jose residents told me they notice a difference downtown. >> granted there's a lot more different places to eat and go and listen to music so that's always good. i think it's definitely coming up. >> reporter: one high rise condo building switched over to rental units after the economy fell. we've got a little bit of fog showing up along the coast. it was dense this morning and
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will be dense tomorrow. this doesn't mean social security -- this doesn't mean it's just going to be there. there could be delays because you have the combination of coastal fog and valley fog showing up. that's a tough one because it clogs up the work. tomorrow morning a lot like today be prepared for slow going. especially in the east bay. morning lows will be in the upper 40s. when i come back at 10:45 we're going straight to wednesday because it's the parade, a chance of rain and halloween, there's a chance of rain. i'll let you know when that all happens. >> jury selection in the case of a bayy principal under fire. >> i feel a tremendous weight has been lifted. >> how long her killer %blñwó
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prosecutors said she was obsessed and this afternoon an alameda county jury of six women and six men returned a guilty verdict on the closely watched trial of esteban. the union city woman now faces up to 25 years in prison for killing nursing student michelle le. >> reporter: after 4-1/2 days of deliberations this afternoon the jury announced its verdict. 28-year-old esteban guilty of the first degree murder of her former high school friend nursing student michelle le. >> it's always been my position that she hunted down michelle and she kill her. >> reporter: the prosecutor called esteban a sociopath and she believed le was having an affair with the father of esteban's child.
11:56 pm
>> it felt like yesterday we were going through all of this and to finally wrap it up with the right choices it lifts the burden. >> we still need to process this. >> reporter: le disappeared from this garage in hayward in may last year. police suspected esteban from the beginning but didn't arrest her until almost four months after the disappearance and 10 days before they found le's skeletal remains in a rural area of alameda county. >> it's pretty clear she developed an intense hatred for michelle le based on nothing. >> reporter: esteban only expressed concern for her family not herself.
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esteban will be sentenced right here on december 10. rita williams, ktvu news. authorities today identified a female suspect in a string of car thefts on the peninsula. san mateo county sheriff's department says they are looking for jennifer print. investigators she and an unidentified man have broken into and stolen a number of cars over the last few months. authorities are asking anyone who sees prince not to approach her but rather to call the sheriff's department. jury selection begins next month. prosecutors say former ob waley principal lin vagedrine ignored procedures after a child came forward. another child was victimized by teacher craig chandler. he's accused of molesting five
11:58 pm
students students. travelers stranded at sfo we'll show you the impact as hundreds of flights are cancelled because of that big
11:59 pm
12:00 am
new at 10:00, voters will decide whether to tax soda and drivens. noelle walker is live where the debate is between your waste line and your bottom line. >> reporter: the no on measure n are paying for billboards popping up all over the city. tonight the no on measure n
12:01 am
people are trying to convince voters that a yes vote would be bet every for their health. sodas and fruit drinks are popular, accessible and relatively cheap. if measure n passes drinks would cost a penny more an ounce. >> init's a regressive tax that hurts the people that can least afford it. >> reporter: taás one of the arguments the coalition against the beverage tax is making the group spent $2.5 million to put up billboards and hire san francisco media firm, chuck finnie is their spokesperson. >> it's going to result for higher grocery bills whether or not they drink soda. >> reporter: without billboards the yes on measure n people are relying on town hall meetings like this one tonight, word of mouth and information on the
12:02 am
impact on health because of sugary drinks. the statistic from the dcd, half the population has a sugary drink each day. teenage boys are the big consumers averaging two cans of soda a day. low income people get 30% of their calories from sugary drinks in compare to to 4% from more affluent people. >> it's hurting us. >> reporter: richmond will decide if a penny an ounce of protection is worth a pound of cure. this is the first time that a soda tax will appear on a ballot, reporting live in richmond, noelle walker. a new poll on the race for the white house shows a slight up tick for republican presidential nominee mitt romney. according to the gallup poll, that up tick gives president
12:03 am
obama and romney 48% among registered voters. romney now has 5% -- 51% of the lead. voters have been showing up in groves early to cast their vote. now some political informants worry that hurricane sandy will keep folks away from polls. 15% of registered voters nationwide have already cast their billion lots. that massive storm back east blew the presidential election. >> i'm worried about the impact on our first r esponders. i'm worried about the impact on our economy. >> reporter: president obama
12:04 am
cancelled an appearance in florida as he oversees that storm. this is the first time in 40 years that that newspaper has endorsed a republican presidential candidate. for his part, romney today asked voters to consider those in sandy's path. >> a lot of people are enduring very difficult times, and our hearts and our prayers go to them. >> reporter: romney replaced his online fund raising efforts with links to the american red cross to help victims of the storm. he's had to cancel campaign events but intends to visit virginia after the storm passes. happening now, more on that epic storm sandy which is paralyzing the lives of millions of people on the east coast. evacuations uations are under way after a back up generator
12:05 am
has failed. also a transformer explosion is blamed on sandy. right now officials say more than 5 million people are without power across a half dozen states. a california's 129th rescue wing left moffett field. their mission to rescue stranded storm victims and deliver supplies to isolated communityings. right now it is unclear how long this crew will stay there. they say it all depends on the weather and the extent of the damage caused by sandy. >> sandy caused massive problems for travelers at sfo all direct flights from the air force to mayor cities were cancelled leaving thousands of travelers stranded. airline officials say the situation actually could have been a whole lot worse. >> reporter: the beyonki incomes i family left to travel
12:06 am
the world. their scheduled france to new york cancelled putting connecting flights to paris and sidney unknown. >> i said you are an american everything is possible. keep quiet. >> reporter: within minutes they were rerouted through chicago. >> we were all right, with two hours delay no more. it's incredible. >> reporter: not everyone has been so lucky. thanks to hurricane sandy, flights across the country have been cancelled. 150 of them in san francisco international air force to places like boston, new york and washington, d.c. several planes are even parked here at sfo to keep them out of the path of the storm. airport officials say knowing the magnitude of sandy in advance actually helped. >> i think that gave airlines an opportunity to proactivity cancel their flights. >> they advised passengers check with their airlines before coming to the airport just in case. bill bob wish he would have.
12:07 am
>> the other two fellows are stuck in new york. they have to be here because they only have two weeks to rehearse for a play. >> reporter: they're supposed to perform at the sierra repertory center and tickets have already been sold. >> whenever they get here they're going to have to rehearse very hard because the show has to go on. >> reporter: travelers tell us they haven't been able to rebook until the end of the week. fans who travel to de detroit are dealing with bad weather that has them stranded. that includes the crawford family, the parents and sister of brandon crawford. many flights through new york have been cancelled because of superstorm sandy. but the crawford's found another way to pass time. >> i like to get back tonight to be there for the parade.
12:08 am
>> we're here at the museum. four straight, we'll take four straight. >> reporter: the family hopes to make it back to the area in time for the giant's parade. i'm back here in just a few minutes, going over the wednesday which is halloween and
12:09 am
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san francisco's mayor and
12:11 am
top prosecutor is seeking to -- mirkarimi. it would prohibit any top official to oversee programs in a certain area if they've been convicted of a crime. the court is now scheduled to meet privately on november 20th. that's the ban on gay marriage. the justices will also consider four other cases concerning the constitutionality of the defense of marriage act. that's the federal law that defines marriage as between only a man and a woman. the court is expect to announce on november 6 whether it will rule in those cases. in buenos aires argentina people were forced to evacuate.
12:12 am
one fatality is being reported. . argentina news reports that one elderly man was found dead in his home. al-qaida has taken responsibility for two deaths. the attacks are in response to the arrests of sunni women by the government in an effort to pressure the women's want relatives to turn themselves in. in greece the debt crisis is rekindling efforts for germany to pay pees from world war ii. germany compensated greek victims of nazi crimes in 1966. deputies in tahema county are trying to track thousands of pounds of stolen walnuts. they say 80,000 pounds of tah earthquake ma county walnuts
12:13 am
are missing. two truckloads of walnuts never made it to their destination and authorities say they're now looking for a delivery truck looking for a delivery truck driver with a russian [ male announcer ] citibank's app for ipad makes it easy for anne to manage her finances when she's on the go. even when she's not going anywhere. citibank for ipad. easier banking. standard at citibank. with over 200 varieties, keurig makes brewing a delicious cup of coffee simple. how does it brew such great coffee? well... inside the brewer are these green fields of coffee, and if you travel up this mountain, there's this huge coffee grinder. and then the coffee lands in this cup and water rushes through. actually, i just press this button.
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the san francisco giants are back home for a little r & r tonight but there's no rest for parade planners who are working literally around the clock. rob roth takes us behind the scenes to show us what it takes to get ready for wednesday's big celebration. >> reporter: here inside pier
12:16 am
54 workers are building floats almost nonstop. this section is called game face it'll be mounted on one of the floats. >> we probably have easily half a mile of orange, black and white floral sheeting to go on the floats right now. >> reporter: in this hotel room, victory parade organizers are working on their plan. >> we started working on it about a week ago. >> reporter: in 2010 an estimated 1 million fans showed up to the last giant's victory parade and there were no major problems. this time the players will not be riding on motor cars they'll be riding on convertible cars, they'll be more visible that way. police say they'll be changing shifts to have more officers on
12:17 am
duty during the parade. mayor lee says the fact that the parade is on halloween will property create any problems. float builders expect to finish building four hours before the parade is scheduled to start. >> more details now the parade is set to start near san francisco's ferry building it will then go up market street, turn on mccallister and end up in san francisco's civic center. if you can't be there we'll have live coverage of it all on ktvu and three of toyotas brands
12:18 am
landed in the top ten. and fire crews try to beat back a fire. firefighters say a downed power line may have started the fire that ended up trapping about 25 people because of the high storm surge, firefighters could not get their vehicles to the fire so they used a boat to reach it. when they arrived they found the 25 people trapped on the roof. firefighters were able to rescue those people but the fire continues to burn. in case you're wondering if this super storm has let up, the answer is no it's still hammering. it came on at 90 miles per hour. right now the wind are 75 miles per hour. this storm is very powerful and
12:19 am
hammering the east coast. tomorrow morning we will see more. a big storm surblg surge and a lot of surf something to be paying attention to. if you have any flight tomorrow it's all going to be delayeded. tonight we have fog out there. we talked about the dense fog advisory. there's fog along the coast. that fog will merge tonight and will create low visibility. you could have some delays san somewhere -- san jose you might have some delays. today's highs were kind of high upper 70s. here comes wednesday, this is the parade, this is halloween. let's time it out. here we are 10:00, we want you to see all the fog. here's coastal fog, valley fog they merge up and that's tomorrow morning. things clean up and not a big deal. here we have a lot of cloud
12:20 am
cover, get ready for the parade starts about 11:00. the parade will be cloudy. now here's halloween let's move forward a little bit. kids are trick or treating it's 9:00 at night. this is the latest model that actually sped up the storm a little bit that's at 9:00 tomorrow. most of the bay area should be dry and then it moves through at 11:00. i'll be tracking that for you. the parade should be dry. here's how it breaks down. temperatures in the 60s. again low 60s in the warmest spot and there's going to be a lot of people there too. definitely you want to do the mass transit and give yourself lots of time. the wednesday is when things change around. when those clouds get here and we're looking for the chance of showers later on in the evening wednesday which is sped up from
12:21 am
where were this morning. won't be until late wednesday night. now looking like it might rain around 8:00. >> creeping up a little earlier. there's a beautiful blue moon shining over the bay area. there's a photo taken by a ktvu viewer. other people brought out their telescope to take a look at the [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents
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fabulous but...when i add chicken, barbecue sauce... and cheese...and roll it up woo-wee! i've made a barbecue chicken crescent chow down. pillsbury crescents. let the making begin.
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here's a better idea. pillsbury grands! flaky layers biscuits in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. bay area band green day announced the cancellation of its remaining tour dates for the year. this is lead singer billy joe armstrong seeks treatment after this break down on stage in las vegas. it is not all bad news the band also says it's new album tray will come out a month earlier than planned on december 11th.
12:25 am
mark is here with sports the giants steam roll over the tigers. >> it's hard to believe half of the regular season in the nfl is over, we have to start paying attention to this team. and the other one too. on the east side of the bay. playing a second fiddle to the giants and they look plenty ready to step right into the spotlight punishing the arizona cardinals tonight in case you haven't noticed they have allowed only one team to score a touchdown against them in their last five games. the cardinals just flat dismantled in san francisco. michael crabtree on the money. 9yards, 17-0. third quarter this is the randy monday night moss we remember from years gone by. he's lost some speed. 47yards his second touchdown as
12:26 am
a 49er this game well offhand. and then turn it over to the defense. they take over holding arizona to get this 7 yards rushing lane wood, deshon goldsman pounding early. ouch 24-7 niners a two game lead and safe to say their defense looks pretty good. into the bye they go at six- two. >> i think a lot of teams in this division lost this week. going into the bye week means a lot. we're going to put our foot on the gauge. it shows a lot about this team, we're excited about it. >> it was good, one of those games you're on the road, you know usually those games are really tight no matter how good either team is. so it was a good win. >> they're definitely hitting today. meantime giants as you know back at at&t, earlier today but not the way the tigers were kind of hoping, no more tension
12:27 am
and stress. just basking in the afterglow of a seven consecutive postseason victory close out a glimpse of some of the fellows that get off the bus happen to be running on fumes after the celebration and a long trip home. one of the purest examples of true team efforts you'll ever see in sports, yeah, there's your closer with a sense of relief it's all over the ballpark as well. >> we overcame pretty difficult situations, makes it that much more sweet. you know when you're able to get to this point, really like i said it's really humbling. i can't believe it and i'm glad to be part of this group. >> i don't suggest taking it to the elimination. four straight games against the
12:28 am
same team is hard enough. especially against the tigers. >> nobody saw it coming but %blñwóon it going away.
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